My Adventures in South Korea

A month to go!

It is crazy to think that as I am typing this, that in a little over a month, I will be flying with John, my husband, to Seoul, South Korea! We are going to be teaching english and are excited and nervous at the same time! It doesn’t feel real yet and I don’t know if it will truly hit us until we are about to board the plane to take off.

When John and I first decided that we were going to “apply” to teach english in Korea, it was very casual, mostly because we knew that we had months ahead of us before we really had to make any type of decision of whether we really wanted to do this. My sister went through the application process last year, so I was familiar with the steps that needed to be taken and had her guidance as well. Since she was so familiar with the routine, we opted to go with her word versus signing up with a recruiting company (very popular option if you are unsure what you need to to in order to apply to teach english in South Korea). We made a check-list of everything we needed to get done and started marking them off, one by one. Before we knew it, we had everything together and we had a skype interview set with our future school. We went through the interview process and when the job offer came in, we decided to take it! In the future, I’ll dedicate a blog post about what we did, step by step, and I’ll list out what was easy vs difficult, in order to get all the paperwork together.

We did have one big issue though. The only condition that John and I had, in order to fully dedicate ourselves to go to South Korea, was that we had to bring our two pomeranians. We knew it was possible but unfortunately there was no easy way to guide us, whenever I tried to search for it. Thankfully though, after doing tons and tons of research and talking with many different people/sources, we were able to get a concise plan on what needed to be done for the dogs and they are now onboard for the ride! I am also, in the future, going to dedicate a blog post of what you must do if you were interested in bringing a dog into South Korea. I will try to make it as easy as possible! I’ll also have a section on my blog dedicated to life with a dog in Korea to hopefully show and answer a lot of questions!

In the mean time, John and I are now focusing on tying all our loose ends before we leave the USA! We both finished our last days of work and are taking this next month to visit family, sell our cars/furniture/stuff, and prepare all the last minute paperwork before we leave. We look forward to sharing all the info as we start our journey!

4 Responses to “A month to go!”

  1. Emily C.

    Thank you so much for writing this blog!! It has helped ease my mind in many ways and has also provided much needed information. My boyfriend and I are in the exact same boat as you were when you wrote this post – almost to the T! lol We’ve sold almost everything we own, gotten almost all paperwork done (we decided not to use a recruiter), and I’m now getting everything ready for my mini dachshund to go with us. The only thing left now is to start applying! It’s exciting but scary at the same time haha.

    I did have a couple questions for ya (if you would please share your experience): 1. About how much time past between when you first started contacting employers, and then when you landed a job? Was it easy? 2. Where, specifically, did you look for available positions (a job board? craigslist? lol)?

    I would love to hear back from you and I hope you’re still doing well.

    A fellow adventurer,

    • talaghemand

      Hi Emily!
      Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope that it’s able to help!! It sounds exciting that you have gotten almost everything you need for your Korea adventure! Now that you have most of the paperwork done, it will be easier applying for jobs. What I did was start looking at Dave’s ESL Cafe. There are lots of job postings there. Though I didn’t work with a recruiter, many of the job posters emailed me afterwards to help assist with jobs. I thought that was very helpful. Since my sister has been in Korea, John and I eventually found a job through her, but there were a few times that I think we were considering going through the routes we found online. I recommend starting with Dave’s ESL cafe. Many of the people I know have found jobs though there and very quickly! Afterwards, if no luck comes through there, contact some recruiters. You can let them know your situation of how you have all your paperwork done and are bringing your pup. They will be able to help you find jobs that might not be posted. Hope this helps and good luck!! 🙂

      • Rachelle


        I found your blog while finding out how/if you can bring pets with you as a teacher to South Korea. I think it’s awesome that you were able to bring your two dogs.

        I did have a question that I’m not sure if I just didn’t see the answer to. I know that EPIK basically instated a no-pet policy with it’s teachers. Did you work at a hagkwon? And if not, how were you able to bring your pets as a public school teacher? Is it just something you explained to your future employer? Thank you!


      • talaghemand

        Hi Rachelle,

        I worked at a hagwon/academy. They are much less strict on dogs, since it is more like a business and not so much a school. I was very upfront with my dogs in the interviews I had, just so my school would know of the situation and accommodate for it!

        Hope this helps!!

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