My Adventures in South Korea

Packing Up!

With any big move comes the packing, the dreaded part that nobody really looks forward to. A headache that I have noticed with this particular move, that has differed from all the rest, is also having to sell all my furniture. I posted an ad on good ole’ craigslist last week and it’s literally like fishing. You cast the line with a worm on the hook and you get tons of false nibbles, but its hard to hook a fish on the end! While I am happy that my craigslist ad has had tons of responses, I hope that by the end of this week, I will have sold most of my furniture!

John and I will be heading out of Orlando next week, he will be in Gainesville for a workshop & I will be visiting my parents, so we hope to have most of our apartment packed by then. Afterwards we will be back for a few days before we leave again for Michigan. It leaves us a tight deadline to meet for our move out date for June 30th! I hope it can run smoothly!

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