My Adventures in South Korea

First few days in South Korea!

We made it! After lots of packing, preparation, paperwork for us, paperwork for the dogs, etc., John and I, with our dogs, are finally in South Korea! The trip over wasn’t the easiest but its nice to finally be settling in.

We flew out of Orlando on Thursday, July 11th and had a rough start to our morning. I will lay out everything that happened, all in good spirit though, lol. πŸ˜‰

  • We arrived at the airport at 5:00 am (for international flights, they recommend you to arrive 2 hrs early), for our flight to San Francisco. We went to check in at our airline and when we got to the counter to check in our bags, we noticed we had a problem. We completely forgot to check the airline bag policy and not only did we have too many bags (they only allow 1 free bag per person), but 3 out of 4 of our bags were overweight. We ended up having to cover the cost (airlines try to take every penny from you!) because at that point, everything we needed for the next year were in those bags. It was pricey!IMG_0979

John and me taking a photo on our flight to San Francisco. We were tired after pulling all-nighters!


My first plane where every seat had its own TV! I was so excited lol and it made the 10 hr flight to Tokyo so much better!

  • The next issue was with our dogs. Our dogs had their first flight 2 weeks ago, when we went to Michigan. The doctors advised us to give them Benadryl but unfortunately that did not work in calming them down. For the flight to Korea, we requested a stronger sedative and were prescribed Dizepam, which is like a valium. Unfortunately for us lol, the valium didn’t do anything either, and our dogs were fully aware of the flight. They didn’t bark but had more of a squeaky-toy whine. Luckily after take off, the plane would rock them to sleep, but always during boarding and landing they cried. It was like having 2 two year olds but you feel worse because you can’t explain to them what is going on.


Luci in her carry-on, on the plane and under the seat.


Milo in his carry-on. He calmed down when I would wrap my cardigan around it.


Milo relived to be able to stick his head out at the end of a flight.

  • The last issue was that our flight to San Francisco was delayed 2 hrs because the plane had mechanical issues, and this caused us to miss our connection from San Francisco to Seoul. Because of this, we had to be rerouted and ended up flying from San Francisco to Tokyo and then from Tokyo to Seoul. Though the flight would have been better if it were direct, because of the dogs, it was fun to see a bit of Japan! πŸ™‚

Besides the few issues mentioned above, we made it safe and sound! The dogs also got in with no problems! We had all the correct paperwork! (Blog post for that to come later!) My sister picked us up from the airport and these last 2 days, she has been showing us around. The city is amazing and very comparable to New York and Seattle mixed. The two areas we have seen so far and just briefly are Gangnam and Bundang. Seoul is such a big city that it is going to be an interesting year of exploring! The cuisine has been an adventure in itself as well! I won’t go too in depth on it today, as this post has gotten long, but so far everything has been delicious!


My sister, Beeta, after picking us up from the airport! She missed the dogs!


Just a small section of Bundang at night, from a rooftop view! There was a concert going on at the amphitheater. πŸ™‚


Another view of some of Bundang at night!


A type of Korean BBQ! This reminded me more of Chicken Fajitas but instead of tortilla, you wrap the meat in lettuce! Delicious!!




Β IMG_1014

Walking in a park in Bundang! It was raining but was really pretty! The parks are very active and even had free exercise machines for people to use!


So much food! Tuna Salad for dinner last night. Every meal is paired with many different types of Kimchi! So good!!

Today, John and I go into our first day of training so we are getting ready for that! Hope you enjoyed the pictures I posted. Apartment photos to come soon! πŸ™‚

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