My Adventures in South Korea

We survived another week!

I want to start this post off by stating that we survived another week! It’s crazy how fast these two (almost three) weeks have gone by! It feels like a blur from the moment we stepped foot off the plane, till about now. I remember every moment individually, but together it all blends.

Teaching is becoming a bit easier. I don’t think anyone ever realizes how hard teaching can be, until you start teaching yourself. Take everything that teaching encompasses, ย then add in a new country and culture, and it becomes even harder. The challenge is somewhat exciting, but really very scary. I know it is something that will be so rewarding once accomplished. My english will definitely be better, both speaking and writing, after this!

Outside of teaching, John and I have been trying to explore more of Seoul. Our teaching schedules, at the moment, leave us with Sunday and Monday off and we try to use that to our advantage. This past Saturday after work, we met up with my sister and some new friends, and went to an Indian Restaurant (amazing!). Those who really know John and me, know that we love Indian food! After the restaurant, we went to a really cool hookah lounge called “The Rainbow Room”. It was a great way to relax and unwind after our first full teaching week.


IMG_1104 copy

IMG_1103 copy


Some pictures from the Rainbow Room. It was smokey in there with all the Hookah so some of the pictures are hazy. The Rainbow Room had a very cool lounge atmosphere with food, a bar, and live music.

I joined my sister yesterday morning, to attend a Korean Wedding! It was definitely a unique experience! I will dedicate a blog post to it later though! After the wedding, John met up with us and we went to a Korean fish market called Noryangin Fish Market (so many different fish, crabs, lobster and shrimp!!) and then to Myeongdong (a popular shopping area). Pictures of both places to come later!

Today John and I are catching up on things before going back to work tomorrow. Once the work week starts, time just flies by. We are making a list of all the things we want to do and see while here in Korea, so we can maximize our experience here.

I’ll leave this post with pictures of our apartment! ๐Ÿ™‚


Our entry way! In Korea, every apartment has an entryway where you must take off your shoes. Our apartment also has a code-entry! It’s great not to have any keys!


The hallway view from the entry way leading into our apartment.


Our little kitchen. In Korea, ovens are not common so most apartments don’t have them (you can buy one but we barely used our oven in the States, so we can give it up for a year).


The Fridge – lol not too much explanation about this.


Off of the entry way is our laundry room. It’s also common in Korea, not to have a dryer. This is a luxury we are sad to give up for a year. We could always buy one, but don’t want to waste our money. We have to go to the old fashion way of drying clothes lol.


Our bathroom, right off of the laundry area.


Our electric toilet – This toilet is the one of the most high tech toilets I have ever seen lol. Its a toilet/bidet/seat warmer all-in-one!


My makeup area and our medicine cabinet.


Our Shower


Back to the living/sleep area, just passed the kitchen.


Our wardrobe/dresser and our tv! (We haven’t really had time to even turn our TV on)


Our desk area and the a/c (that tall thing in the corner). John also found a bike so we have it stored there for now! (In Korea, people recycle everything, so John found this bike left in the trash area!)


The blind for our windows. It can get so bright in our apartment so its nice we have both blinds and shades.


Our bed (Luci is so dark you can’t see her face in this picture).


View from the far corner of our apartment.


Our dog area (the dogs still prefer our bed) and our dryer rack with John hanging his clothing.


John in front of the closet.


Our little view of Bundang, South Korea.

Till the next post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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