My Adventures in South Korea

Summer Heat

South Korea is very hot in the summers. Not only is it hot, but also very humid. The best way to imagine how it feels is to imagine that you are walking in a thick blanket of hot mist. This humidity is here some days and gone on others, but on average it lasts up till around 5:00 pm in the afternoon. After 5 pm it drastically cools down to a point that is tolerable. It is a good thing I come from Florida and I know how to handle scorching heat and humidity. I laughed when I first arrived here because I saw everyone with their paper fans. Now I practically beg for one!

This is just one of the four seasons of Korea. I have heard that South Korea is comparable to Ohio. It is hot in the summers, lovely in the fall, freezing in the winters, and gorgeous in the spring. Being from a State where there isn’t much seasonal change, I am very excited to experience all the weather patterns, even if they are extreme!

Through the heat this weekend, we managed to do a lot!

On Friday night, we went to the movies. The movie theaters here are nice! They have big cozy seats and great popcorn. A benefit to the theaters are that you get to pick your seats when you buy your movie tickets. It is nice to know that after you buy your movie ticket, you can wait worry-free because you don’t have to rush for a seat. We saw the movie “Now You See Me” which is an American movie. It’s an odd feeling to watch a film that is in English, but with Korean subtitles, because you forget that the subtitles are there and you tune into the movie. Because the movie is in English, you forget that you are in a new and far away country. Suddenly you are back home and you don’t wake up from this bubble until the movie is over and reality hits again. The movies work their magic that way.

On Saturday, John, Beeta, and I went to the Seoul Zoo, heat and all! This was by far one of the best and prettiest zoos that I have ever seen. It is a gorgeous zoo that is surrounded by mountains. Known as the 10th largest zoo in the world, it has many different kinds of animals. The cost of admission for an adult is only 3,000 won, which is less than $3 usd! Amazing!! We only saw about half of the zoo before it closed but we need to go back! I want to plan a trip to go back around October. It will be much cooler and the leaves on the mountains will be changing, so the zoo will be breath-taking!

Yesterday was just a day of errands. We started our day with an early lunch at a popular food court. The food courts here are similar to the ones in shopping malls, only with much healthier food options. Healthy only applies if you don’t add the desserts and Korean desserts are so beautiful and tempting! After lunch we went to E-Mart (similar to a Super Target) only to find out that it is closed every other Sunday. Because the heat is strong right now, that trip, even to a closed store, wore me out.


Macaroons! So pretty and so delicious!



I wanted to take home one of each cupcake! I was able to resist but it was hard!

We ended up coming home where I was able to lesson plan for a few hours. Once the weather did cool down, John and I took our dogs to a park that is very popular. The park is a great place to bring dogs and many other dogs and their owners were out last night! It was great to meet people who own dogs in Korea!

Today was a teaching day and now I am exhausted! Though I am a Florida girl at heart, all this heat wears me out! I am counting down the days until I can start pulling out my scarves! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you have a nice “cool” week!




The Seoul Zoo!



The zoo is surrounded by mountains! It is beautiful!


These guys know how to keep cool through the heat.


IMG_1479 IMG_1548



Above: An Ant Eater! He was really pretty! Below: Playing with other dogs!





Till next week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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