My Adventures in South Korea

Chuseok Week

We made it 2 months! It’s hard to believe that 2 months in Korea have just zoomed by. With that being said, we are approaching our first Korean holiday this week! I have mentioned it before but this week is Chuseok, which is Korea’s Thanksgiving. All major businesses, banks and schools will be closed this Wed-Sun. I am so excited for the time off! It’s also nice seeing people who are all cheerful and excited for the holiday! Just like in the States, they have all the gift sets out for people to buy! One very common gift set that the Koreans have is a SPAM gift set. Yes, SPAM. I have never eaten SPAM, so I can’t say too much about it but I do know that the Koreans love their SPAM. Thankfully , my school skipped on the SPAM and gave us all bottles of Brandy as a Chuseok gift. SPAM might have been fun though, or not lol.

My students were all ready for the break. I asked each of my classes what they were looking forward to the most during their holiday break. Most of them said that they were looking forward to sleeping and playing. I completely agree with them on the sleeping part!

John and I got our ARC cards (Alien Registration Card) this past week! We were finally able to open up bank accounts and are in the process of getting cell phones! Both are nice luxuries that we have missed.

Seoul will be quiet in the next few days as everyone travels to visit family. It will be nice to spend a few  days here and then fly to Japan on Thursday! We are going to be visiting Osaka and Kyoto! I’ll get more into detail about the trip once we return (I want to share pictures), but one thing I am really excited about is staying in a Capsule Hotel. Capsule Hotels are just like what they sound like, sleeping in a Capsule. It will definitely be an experience!

I hope everyone is enjoying September! Enjoy the pictures below!


Green Tea Lattes are so delicious!


My students – They got a packet full of cut up words and working in teams they had to make as many sentences as they could!





This class wrote over 200 sentences! The classrooms have glass all around so students can write on the boards.


The dogs in their traditional Korean attire 🙂


Have a nice week!

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