My Adventures in South Korea

Fall is in the Air

It’s happening! The air is cooler. The leaves are slowly starting to change. It’s October 1st. Fall is officially arriving and with open arms!

I’ve mentioned this before but being from Florida, there really isn’t much seasonal change. We do get the temperature drop, but the leaves don’t really change and the weather goes from being hot to nice. In fact, fall/winter is the ideal time to visit Florida if you want gorgeous weather.

I am looking forward to a real fall though, one that encompasses everything “fall”! I want the scarf season and the light jackets. I want to hold a coffee and I want the heat from it to keep my hands warm. I want the pink cheeks (from the cooler air). The only thing South Korea is lacking at the moment (until I find it) is pumpkin stuff.

Since it is October 1st, I’ll just do a quick blog update on how things are going at the moment:

Dogs: The dogs are doing well! I haven’t shaved them since June, so their fluffy coats have returned. Since Korea is known for freezing winters, I won’t shave them down again until summer, but I DO need to find a groomer who can just clean up the fluff.


Their hair needs cleaning 🙂

School: Teaching is going well. I have a nice routine down, so I know what to do now each week. I am becoming friends with my Korean Co-Teachers and love learning different things about S Korea from them.

This past weekend, my school hosted the “Amazing Race” for all the native teachers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the TV Show version, the Amazing Race is basically a big scavenger hunt around cities/countries. Since our “amazing race” was only in the timespan of 5 hrs, it was in the heart of Seoul. There are about 70+ native teachers at my company, all at different branches. We all met up and were split up into 12 teams. We then were giving clue after clue, from each destination, to lead us to the next. It was a day filled with running (A LOT OF IT!! I am very sore today), site seeing, crazy challenges (eating things like snails/dried squid – common Korean snacks, all the way to making signs to give Free hugs and having to get hugs from different people), lots of taxi cabs, more running, and in the end, dinner and drinks!

The Amazing Race was a fun event but the best part about it is the end. All of us native teachers were able to meet up together and just drink and have fun. There are teachers from England, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc. and we are all here teaching english. I think its really cool that we are all sharing this experience and I always like to think how great it is that all our paths are crossing.


The green team!


Wine to unwind! 🙂

Life: All in all, life here is going well. I miss all my friends and family from the States. I love that I can keep up on facebook but there are some things that I have to live vicariously through till I get back. I am sad that I am missing football season and tailgating. This is the first year in 6 years that I am missing UCF football. I am also missing certain foods like Tijuana Flats and Chipotle. Korean Food is awesome but randomly I get cravings for tijuana flats’ chips & queso or Chipotle’s cilantro lime rice.

For everything I am missing though, comes new things that I am grateful for. I finally got a bank account in Korea! Also, I am making some new friends and we are starting to plan fun adventures for the future. There are also new foods I am trying here that are wonderful! Last, I want to sign up to take a Korean Art Class. I need to find where they offer it but I think it would be a great way to learn about the culture here.

Happy October 1st! No matter how it is that Fall may be in the air for you, I hope your enjoying it! 🙂


The river by my apartment


The mountain view from the roof of my apartment. I can’t wait till all the leaves change colors.

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