My Adventures in South Korea

From Trash to Treasures – Our Apartment’s Facelift

Our little apartment, here in Korea, is in need of another blog post from the original one where I first shared pictures. If you are just starting to read my blog, you can find the original post here! In the almost 3 months that we have been here, it has gotten a facelift worthy of sharing.

When John and I first got here, people told us that if there was anything we needed for our apartment, to wait because more than likely we would find it soon. When Koreans move in and out of apartments, many times they toss out nice pieces of furniture and leave it for someone else to take (what can be nicer than free??). Also, the expat community is always changing, so things are always being given away or sold. Mix that in with a few things we have purchased here and there, and you have a result of an apartment that has more of a “homey feeling”.

I’m excited to share the changes below!

On another note, our weekend was filled with new friends, fireworks, Hongdae (a really fun area of Seoul) and Karaoke, so I’ll dedicate a blog post to that later!!

Behold, the Before and Afters below:

Before: View from the Kitchen to the living area.


After: We added a lot of plants! We also added some wall art from Korea and Japan. The TV we moved to the top of our dresser and the bike is now in the garage. Also, we found this great shelf that someone had tossed!


Before: Our Bed Area- note the coffee table being used as a nightstand.


After: A New bed frame and actual night stands! One morning, John and I were coming home from walking the dogs, and we saw movers taking this bed frame to the trash. We talked with them and after paying 10,000 won (less than $10 dollars), they  helped us move it to our apartment. It’s really nice and has drawers underneath it! We found the painting in our trash area too! Finally,we found the nightstands. They still don’t match but both have their own character.

*On another note, the dogs have completely fluffed out!



Before: Open space that we used for the dogs and our laundry rack.


After: A couch! Our couch is the first item of furniture that we found. Someone was tossing it and it was perfect. The only thing it was missing was a back. Last week, someone was tossing another couch, and we took the back cushions from it. I figure that we will keep our mismatched couch until we find another one that we like better (or at least couch cushions that we might like better) but for now, its our couch lol. 🙂

We also found the little leather ottoman in the corner.


DSC_9752 copy

Before: The wall area of our living room.


After: We moved the tv, added plants, and found this great shelf.

DSC_9753 copy


Before: A blank slate


After: Feeling more at home. 🙂

DSC_9756 copy


We got these plants from a friend who was moving back to Canada. The roses in the plants are made of paper, but still really pretty!

DSC_9750 copy

DSC_9749 copy

Hope you have a nice week!

6 Responses to “From Trash to Treasures – Our Apartment’s Facelift”

  1. Tara

    Thanks so much for following! I love your blog! Also we are name twins! I’m so jealous that you got to bring your dogs over. I am leaving my dog with my parents because she is two big to be cooped up in a tiny apartment. Thanks again!

    • talaghemand

      Hi Tara!
      I’m glad to be following your blog too! I can’t wait to read all of your adventures when you make it to Korea! It’s definitely great having my pups here but I also see the advantages of coming without them for a year. It will give you much more freedom which can be nice for traveling! Take care and before you know it you will be in Korea! 🙂

    • talaghemand

      Haha! Our apartment definitely needed a little TLC but by checking the dumpster area regularly, we were able to fix it up a bit! 🙂


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