My Adventures in South Korea

Cold in Seoul!

There are two things that I was told about the weather here in Korea. The first thing was that the summers are very hot and the second was that the winters are freezing cold. The winters are not just any cold, but the “down to the bone with chills” type cold. I am slowly realizing what people mean. The weather started to slowly drop this past weekend. Each day I experience a new cold, one that is colder than they day before. There were even snow flurries today! It’s undeniable though, it’s getting cold in Seoul!

Like I said in my previous posts, since I am from Florida, I am happy about this weather change. My body on the other hand, is slowly adjusting. I feel like I have a lingering cold. I keep treating it, but it has yet to completely go away. It just sits there and then decides to reappear, even stronger the next time around. Lucky for me, Korea is the best country to be in when it comes to soups. There are so many types to choose from! I wish I could find a good cough syrup though. I have only found cold medicine in the form of pills and when you have a sore throat, a pill can be a nightmare.

Moving on, this past weekend, we had an early Thanksgiving get together with co-workers/friends. It was nice being around everyone and even nicer to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, etc. Even though it will be sad this year, since we are missing Thanksgiving with family, it was nice that we were able to atleast eat turkey! Sunday was a good day as well. With a few friends, we got lunch at a restaurant that serves a famous Japanese soup, called Shabu Shabu, and then went shopping in Dongdaemun Market. Dongdaemun is a huge shopping area where you can literally find anything you need. The only problem with it is that it is such a gigantic and intense shopping area that it is overwhelming. You literally have no idea where to start when at Dongdaemun. We also went to a Korean thrift store called Vin Prime. Koreans take such great care of their clothing so finding a thrift store is like a gold mine. Everything is nice and at discounted prices! I was able to find a long winter coat for 25,000 won or about $25 usd!

Overall, we had a nice and low-key weekend. Now to just figure out how we are going to deal with this upcoming cold and my never ending cold. Heater fans/Blankets/Jackets/medicine/etc. here we come!

Enjoy the pictures below!

IMG_2839 copy

Milo and me posing in the fallen leaves.

IMG_2846 copy

Enjoying the last bits of a gorgeous fall season.


The river behind my apartment complex.


This past week, some of my students had a reading on skyscrapers. As a part of their lesson, they had to build their own skyscrapers out of cups and compare them to the other buildings in the class. Here are their buildings!










A beautiful sunrise! We stayed the night at my sister’s apartment, over the weekend, and her window catches gorgeous sunrises.


Last but not least, a photograph of the snow flurries today! If you look closely you will see little white specs through the photo! I assure you that those specs are not dust particles but they are little snow flakes! It was so pretty!

Stay warm and have a nice week!

4 Responses to “Cold in Seoul!”

  1. bfreeinkorea

    Oh man, I totally agree with your thoughts on the cold weather. Today, I felt like I should have been wearing a parka and an ajumma face mask. It was so cold! By the way, where exactly is that Thrift Shop! I kind of want to check it out! 🙂

    • talaghemand

      It’s getting too cold! I am looking forward to the snow but not the freezing air!

      The thrift store, Vin Prime, is great! My sister & friend accidentally stumbled upon it and then took me. It’s in the Express Bus Terminal Subway Station, though that subway station is so big that unfortunately I can’t give directions on where in the station it is! If you go down to the shopping level (hopefully they only have one so it will be easy to find), Vin Prime is there, located next to a bunch of other bargain stores. It is also close to a pharmacy and a facial cream store. It’s a great shop with lots of clothing! 🙂


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