My Adventures in South Korea

Making Korean Memories

I constantly catch myself thinking about my past. Many times, I am thinking about something from either my childhood or college years, all the way up till now. I play memories in my head like reruns of old sitcoms. The tv in my brain never turns off. I replay memories of all my different life experiences. The most random things trigger my memories. If I hear a certain word for example, it might remind me of a song that used to play in the 90’s. Smells also get me. I brought a shampoo/conditioner set with me from the United States, used the shampoo faster than the conditioner (of course), and so the conditioner has just been sitting in the shower. Anyways, the other day, I picked up the conditioner and some of the fragrance came out of the bottle and the smell instantly took me back to the moment I was packing to come to Korea. I then remembered all the feelings that ran through my brain before I arrived. Today, something triggered me to remember a commercial that used to play all the time when I was little, and it has the words “Mr. Owl” (remember what commercial that is?). It’s fascinating how the mind works.

All this blabbering above, about memories and life, makes me really want to take back good memories from my experience here in Korea. I don’t want to just take the memories of the touristy things I do here, but I also want to take back some of my day to day “real life” memories. The “do you remember that time” type moments. I know it will naturally happen, just like it has been happening all my life, but it’s just nice to be aware of it!

This past week was another week of teaching and the weather getting colder! John and I saw Catching Fire and it was amazing! We also visited the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. The museum was fun and they had their ice museum exhibit out too! I’ll post pictures of both below!

We also visited Dragon Hill Spa this weekend! This excerpt was taken from the website, Visit Korea, and describes the spa really well –

When there is not much to do with friends or if your muscles are feeling sore, Koreans go to a place referred to as a “jjimjilbang” which is a unique Korean-type sauna to relax and enjoy. Jjimjilbang is a complete relaxation spa, offering various thematic sauna facilities, rooms to lounge in or take a nap, snack bars, and more. During the cold winter season, it is popular to frequent these places; particularly the Dragon Hill Spa, a most recent popular spot.

The spa was an amazing experience and very relaxing. In Korea, a jjimjilbang is a place where you can just go and unwind. Men and women have separate shower and sauna areas. There are also lots of communal saunas and activities. John and I enjoyed some of the saunas together and also got a couples massage.

All in all, it was a nice week and weekend. It’s sad knowing that this week is Thanksgiving and that we are missing it. This is the only hard part about being away, missing the holidays with family. I am thankful for all the memories though.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the pictures below!

IMG_2902 copy

Christmas Lights Take 1 & 2. We bought Christmas lights from Emart (lights are triple from what you pay in the States), and wrapped them around our whole apt. It adds a cozy glow!

IMG_2907 copy

The Trick Eye Museum!

IMG_2949 copy

IMG_2962 copy


IMG_2954 copy


IMG_2959 copy


IMG_2968 copy





IMG_2988 copy



IMG_2997 copy

The Ice Museum

IMG_3039 copy

IMG_3025 copy


IMG_3036 copy

An Ice Bathroom, complete with an ice toilet and ice poo.


The entrance to Dragon Hill Spa – A great experience!

IMG_3046 copy

Have a great week and a nice Thanksgiving!!

9 Responses to “Making Korean Memories”

  1. Tara

    Good thing you have your blog so you can write down all your precious memories! And your apartment and puppies look as cute as ever. 🙂

    • talaghemand

      Aww thank you Tara! Have you guys made it to Korea yet? If not, it’s nice that you can spend the holiday with your family before you head out!

      • Tara

        No… Not yet. We are hoping for next week but I say that every week. It has been nice to be home for the holidays! I got to spend Halloween with my friends and now Thanksgiving with family. I’m sure you will write a blog post about it but do you have any fun Thanksgiving plans?

      • talaghemand

        Hopefully you will be in Korea soon! I don’t have any special plans for Thanksgiving this week. We had a work event a couple of weeks ago but this week will be pretty uneventful. Maybe I will buy chicken and pretend its a turkey lol! 😉


    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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