My Adventures in South Korea

Let it Snow!

This past week was a cold one! Winter has made its presence in Seoul. Though it is still a bearable cold, highs and lows in the mid 30’s fahrenheit, it’s not really getting any warmer. This is the weather I have been waiting for! It was cold enough that one day, it snowed!

On Tuesday, we started hearing rumors that it was going to snow. All day the weather was overcast. The temperature dropped and that night, we had our first real snowfall. The snow was pouring down! It was one of the prettiest things I have ever watched. Unfortunately, the snow melted, but most of the next day it snowed again! Like I have stated before, since I am from Florida, the seasonal change fascinates me!  After Tuesday/Wednesday, the snow disappeared, but the cold has definitely lingered. I can’t wait until it starts snowing more often.

Thanksgiving was this past week. It was hard not being home to spend it with family. We were able to Skype and talk to our families, but I think that made us miss everything more! I am lucky though that here in Korea, I have my sister, John, and some wonderful expat friends. Some of us met up this week to have a little outing at an American bar called Travelers. It was nice in the midst of being a little homesick. John and I also tried to cook a Thanksgiving meal! Turkey is expensive in Korea, so we tried our best and used chicken instead. I am not the best cook so my chicken was very dry, but it still served its purpose!

The final thing that happened this past weekend was that John and I went to a ski resort with some of our coworkers. We went to Phoenix Park, a little under 2 hrs away from Seoul.  Phoenix Park  is a beautiful place for skiing/snowboarding and it’s actually going to be one of the locations for one of the upcoming Winter Olympic events! Being from the sunshine state, I don’t have experience in the department of winter sports. I have skied before, but I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing. The biggest problem I had this ski trip was that the skiing scared me, since my experience is so low. I have only skied twice in my life and at a smaller ski resort, so being at Phoenix Park was much different. The slopes were bigger than what I am used to and there were lots of people racing down them. I went to ask for ski lessons but they didn’t have an English instructor working that day, so I only skied a little bit.  I ended my day early and spent my remaining time in the lodge, reading my book. It was relaxing and was nice being surrounded by snow and nature!

Keeping this post shorter this week. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Christmas is right around the corner!

Enjoy the pictures below!


The first snow fall! John and I went on our roof to feel the slow flakes.


IMG_3073 copy



I bought a mini Christmas tree!


Above: Our Makeshift Thanksgiving lunch!

Below: Photos from Phoenix Park 🙂


IMG_0373 copy

IMG_3100 copy

IMG_3105 copy




IMG_3136 copy

Have a great week!

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