My Adventures in South Korea

A Lazy, Snow-Filled Weekend

This past weekend can pretty much be summed up in my blog post title. It was a lazy weekend, there was snow, and it was wonderful. I feel like sometimes, we are constantly in “Go” mode. While that can be great, especially considering we want to see as much as we can while here in Korea, we hardly ever have those days where we just get to enjoy our apartment. For me at least, I need those weekends where I have no plans and nothing to do, because it really helps me unwind and gives me that boost to do something next time. Because of that, it inspired my lazy weekend.

To start it was an uneventful week. On Tuesday, I started getting another stuffy nose. I didn’t know if it was anything serious, but by Friday, when it was still there, I went to the doctor and found out I had a sinus infection. The medicine I was given worked its magic and I am now at the tail end of it. Less than $10 for the doctor’s visit & meds though! On Thursday it started to snow again! The snow lasted for a good 4-5 hrs. It was so pretty to watch! I was able to get some pretty pictures from it that I’ll post below.

One highlight of the week was discovering the website iHerb. Living in Korea, it can be hard to find some of the things that we as expats, are used to in the states, especially things like cooking spices! I know that Korea has all the spices, but it’s hard to find where you can get them, especially if you can’t read Korean. I had been told about iHerb so I just decided to give it a shot and order from it. It’s a company from California and they ship everything super fast! I ordered 5 different spices, face wash, and some tea. My order literally got to me in less than 4 days! I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Anyways, back to the end of the week. Since, I was getting over a sinus infection, that sparked my intent to do nothing this weekend. I cleaned on Saturday and just spent the day catching up on my favorite shows. I also looked for books to read and painted a painting. When John got off from work, we just watched movies together. It would have been a perfect night for wine, had I not been on antibiotics. Yesterday was another lazy day. John and I had plans to go to the Contemporary Art Museum, but as plans sometimes do, they fell through. Instead we were able to take the dogs to the snow covered dog park, go to E-Mart for some basic things we needed, and again just relax. I fell asleep around 7 pm last night (so early!!) and almost slept through till 9 am. It was wonderful and definitely needed!

All in all, a boring but much needed weekend. Christmas is approaching! I don’t feel the Christmas cheer here as much as I did in the USA, but the department stores are all decked out and play Christmas music so that is nice!

Enjoy the pictures below!

DSC_0253 copy

I took this picture from my apartment window on Thursday. The snow was pouring down! I zoomed in on the guy with the yellow umbrella as he tried to clean a path on the walkway.


View of the snow from my window.



On the roof of my building – Very snowy!



Two of my instagram photos – both showing the snow.



The next few photos are of the dogs in the snow. Having never seen snow, they were skeptical of it!

DSC_0319 copy




DSC_0322 copy




Till next week! Stay warm! 🙂

4 Responses to “A Lazy, Snow-Filled Weekend”

  1. Bonnie

    Love the photos. AND, your latest painting just makes me smile! Love and miss you!!!

    • talaghemand

      Right now there is no more snow 😦 seems to only last a day or two! Hopefully it will snow at least once where you are so you can experience it! I know what you mean about the cold though! 🙂


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