My Adventures in South Korea

South Korea: A Six Month Update

Time flies! It’s hard to believe that it has been six months since John and I arrived in Korea. It’s been a great six months, definitely not easy, but great none the less. So, since it has been six months, it’s only fitting to do a six month update.

Teaching – I am still learning! Though I am much more confident than I was when I started, I feel that it’s still a never-ending learning process! I feel like I know what I am doing now, when I plan lessons and teach students in the classroom, so that is a plus! My students are all adorable and make the time worth the while. John is doing well and is still learning too, even after 4 years of teaching experience in the States!

Living – We can pay our bills, go to the doctor, buy and cook food, get to work, sight see, travel, etc. We can and have learned how to survive! Seoul is such a safe city too! I have never lived somewhere where I am so comfortable and feel so at ease. Everything we need is at our finger tips. Sometimes I do miss driving a car, but then I remember the price of gas, and that fades away. Living here is very comfortable.

Dogs in South Korea – The dogs are doing wonderful! Milo and Luci have everything they need and have adapted. We have a boarder for them, our favorite pet shop, a vet, and we are close to a small dog park. I have learned how to travel with them, whether it is by subway, bus, or taxi, they just have to be in their bags. They still find all the smells of Korea interesting! Though they are not used to the snow and cold weather, their inner spitz has come out and with their long hair, they are embracing it. I do miss keeping them shaved and having them with short hair, but since it’s cold, I will wait till Spring to shave them down.

Korean Cuisine – I love Korean food! 6 months and I have yet to get sick of the food. John and I have found our favorite “regular” restaurants where the owners know us and our order! It’s really cute. We still can’t speak the language but we can speak the language of food. I crave American food from time to time. There is no doubt I miss american cheese and fruit (especially the prices!), but if I am really desperate, I can find those things here, just at a higher cost.

Culture Shock – This can exist anywhere, especially when you are living in a country where many rules are not what you are used to. I have adapted to most things, like how to cross a street and not get killed, or how to shove my way through a crowd because people don’t move. It’s not too bad, not perfect, but not bad.

All in all, things are going well. John and I hosted our first event as a couple this past weekend. It was a major milestone for us, since it’s something we have wanted to do. Though it was just a potluck and drinks (lots of drinks) with our friends at our apartment, it was exactly what we needed to top our 6 months here.

So, here’s to another 6 months (or more..who knows!)!! Korea has been fabulous!

Enjoy a few pictures from our potluck below!













And..we’ll end it with Queen Luci! Have a good week!

5 Responses to “South Korea: A Six Month Update”

    • talaghemand

      It’s never too late to come back! I love South Korea so much!! Though it’s not my forever home, it’s a cool place to be. Thanks for reading my blog!! 🙂

      • aobeamber

        Yes I feel there like hope each time im there too)) I do need to come back there asap as I finish with my wandering around Europe 🙂

      • Mena

        I love reading all of your updates!!!! Love
        you girls and hope to see you when you get back to the states…whenever that might be!!!

      • talaghemand

        I love you Mena!! Congratulations on your engagement again! You will have so much fun wedding planning and will be such a beautiful bride! ❤

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