My Adventures in South Korea

Wrapping up Intensives!

This is the last week of winter intensives!! As I sit here and type this blog post, we are pretty much almost done! The two longest days that I had to teach are over and the rest of the week will be smooth sailing from here! What that means is a less stressful schedule and my mornings back! It also gives me time to write better blog posts!

I have been so busy these last two months, that I had to push my blog aside a few times. I got off schedule and had to make myself type whatever I could, so I could have a blog post for that week. I have been blogging every week since arriving to Korea and I didn’t want to miss a post from being to busy. With each blog post I write, I am able to capture the emotions I am feeling. When I reflect back on the ones from this winter intensive, I will know that this was a hectic time!

As we wrap up the winter intensives, it’s a reminder that spring will be here soon! The cold is starting to slowly disappear and winter is almost over! I am looking forward to a new season to photograph and a lighter wardrobe! 🙂

One more week of leaving my blog post short. I hope to feel energized enough next week to write more! Till then, enjoy the few pictures below!!


Korean Popsicles in all their glory.


My favorite bubble tea shop, Gong Cha, opened in Bundang!!


Weekend fun with friends!





Have a nice week! 🙂

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