My Adventures in South Korea

Coming out of Hibernation

Winter is a time where you want to be inside. Though the cool, crisp air can be refreshing, it is a time where you just want to bundle up, stay warm, and stay in! Now that it’s Spring (I think the first official day was last week), all I want to do, along with the rest of Seoul, is be out and about!

This past weekend we had an extra day off from school. That led to lots of time to explore and see the early signs of spring! The trees are all starting to bud, a sign that shows that flowers are going to blossom soon! Some trees even have blossoms now. I can’t wait to see the beauty of colors that the flowers provide!

Since this past winter was my first real winter, I definitely hibernated in my apartment and big cozy sweaters. Needless to say, I have unfortunately put on a few pounds. Because of this, I am making it my mission to walk, hike, or run everyday (with walking being the most realistic out of the three).

John, Beeta (my sister), our friend Kristian, and I, all went hiking on Cheonggyesan Mountain this past Saturday. One good thing about living in an area with mountains, is that there are lots of hiking trails! Cheonggyesan was definitely challenging! There were many times I felt that I could not move, but it made it all the more rewarding when we made it to the top! My calves are still feeling it today! We brought the pomeranians with us on the hike and they did great! There were times they needed to be in the backpacks but for such small dogs, they were troopers!

John and I also walked around Bundang over the weekend. It is nice to explore our local area and see all the beauty it has! We walked through local parks and just enjoyed the lovely weather.

All in all, it is nice being able to enjoy the outdoors again! I know once summer hits, it will be hot and humid, so we are taking full advantage of this light jacket weather! Enjoy the pictures below! 🙂 You’ll see some from the flowers starting to bloom, our hike to Cheonggyesan, and walking around Bundang.

IMG_4514 copy



At the top of Cheonggyesan!

IMG_4592 copy

IMG_4595 copy


IMG_4644 copy


IMG_4649 copy

IMG_4650 copy


I can’t wait until all these buds are blossoms! 🙂


IMG_4659 copy

IMG_4660 copy 🙂

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