My Adventures in South Korea

My Family’s (Almost) Arrival

I am updating really quickly to apologize in advance for the lack of updating that I will be doing. My family arrives tomorrow (so close!!), so I am busy getting ready for them to come and will be spending all of my free time with them!

I promise to update as much as I can, but I will also post a long update in the next week or two!

Till then, enjoy the rest of Spring!

3 Responses to “My Family’s (Almost) Arrival”

  1. Kelly wang

    Hi i read your steps bring your dogs i was missed tieter test so i have wait another 45days… I was going to take my two dogs with my boy friend but now i can’t cause titer test… But when i see your pics you did took two dogs with cabin! Which air line was it?????
    I asked korean air it was too strict to take my dogs.. I have a lot questions so can you please email me…
    Thank you

  2. Sharon Allen

    I am thinking about teaching in south korea and bringing my dogs. I wanted to know if there is a staffing agency or do i contact the schools one by one. Also how long are the contracts for teaching. I am thinking about going there first then go back home to get my dogs. Also i have a bachelors degree in sociology. I don’t have a teachers license. Is that ok. Also thank you so much for sharing it has inspired me.

    • talaghemand

      Hi Sharon! Sorry it took me so long to respond! The holiday season kept me busy! When it comes to bringing your dogs, you can contact different staffing agencies or schools and see which ones accept dogs. Some companies will not work with people who want to bring dogs, while some don’t mind. As for your qualifications, your Bachelor’s degree is fine. Most schools just recommend you have a 4 year University teaching degree and that’s about it! They don’t expect you to have any teaching experience. Hope this helps!


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