My Adventures in South Korea

Leaving Korea

I have been so busy these last few weeks. It’s the story of my life, but this time with good reason. There are new changes coming ahead. As sad as it is to say for John and me, our Korean adventure is coming to an end.  In roughly 2 weeks, we head back home to the USA, to start a new journey in our lives. I have very mixed emotions about this. As happy as I will be to be home, with family and friends, I have developed such a love for Korea. I have made incredible friends here and fallen in love with this culture. Since Korea is so far from the USA, I feel like I might never be able to come back here again. I hope that I will, but nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

I think most expats know that living in South Korea is not forever. It’s easy to talk about how long you are planning to stay, especially when it’s around the beginning of your arrival time, but you always know in the back of your mind that you can’t say forever. There is going to be that moment where you have to go back. Home will always be calling. The scary thing is, you feel like you aren’t ready yet. You wonder if your travels were real. You wonder if your experiences were real. You know that they are, but will others? You think to yourself, why should others care? Other people have their own lives. You can relate to them because you understand where they come from. They come from home. Will anyone understand you though? This is the moment that you realize that you have changed. This experience is yours. You were the one who went to grab it. It doesn’t matter if anyone else understands. It’s something you will keep with you forever. To understand all this makes it easier to go back home. I will keep my door open to continue traveling and experiencing new things.

Korea has been one of the best experiences of my life. I learned that I love teaching, traveling, and Korea has made me love blogging! I have been very behind on my blog since we have started to prep for our journey back home. I love this blog I have built and will keep it active, but am in the process of thinking of a new blog to relate to my life back home.

In these next two weeks, John and I will be packing, cleaning, and closing this chapter of our lives. I will try to update with the last few adventures we have!

Till next time! 🙂


7 Responses to “Leaving Korea”

  1. Invisibled

    Relatively long-time lurker, former ROK expat (2006-2009) and current commenter.

    Two elements of your post struck me deeply (in the best way possible): “This experience is yours” and “You were the one who went to grab it”. I left for Korea on very short notice in my late 20s with the very real assumption that it was my last opportunity to do something like this (drop my career and live in another country) while still being able to recover on the career front. I meant for it to be a one year stay and that blossomed into three. Ultimately, I think I left Korea before I was ready (extenuating circumstances abounded) but my exit ultimately was the right decision.

    That said, I find myself longing for Korea nearly five years later and I think it’s because 1) my experience in Korea is where “I” became “me”, which makes it uniquely mine and 2) no one had any hand in the undertaking other than me.

    I hope all goes well in your transition back home, and I’m glad you got the opportunity to live in such a magical place.

    • talaghemand

      Thank you! This means a lot to me! I find myself constantly questioning if I am ready to leave. I have this fear that once I get home, I will regret it and feel like I made a wrong decision. I hope to live abroad again someday, and know that the experiences I made in Korea will help me even if I just visit abroad as a tourist. 🙂 It’s nice to know that other expats (present and former) feel this way too!

  2. Brooke greenwade

    Hey! I have so enjoyed reading your blogs! You have been such an inspiration and have given so much incite into Korea and teaching, I’m sad to see it end! I am currently applying for teaching jobs in Korea! Are the positions at your school now vacant?

    • talaghemand

      Thanks so much for reading my blog! It’s great to hear your starting on your Korean adventure. The company I work for is a big one, so they are always hiring, as staff is always coming and going. I don’t mention the name on my blog (just to keep work and my Korean life separate), but I can recommend going through the company They work a lot with my company and other big reputable schools. Good luck! 🙂

  3. chanmi

    You are really a good teacher!! Take care and let`s have lunch or dinner^^

  4. Nikki

    Tara, I am so sad I lost our email thread! I was going to email you 🙂 I’m so sad (for some unknown reason haha) that you’re leaving! I think it’s because I love your blog so much!! Thanks so much for your invaluable info about the dogs. It gives me peace of mind & has been beyond helpful. Best wishes to you and John!! & milo & luci of course ❤

  5. Vivien

    Tara~ as i know you,you always inspire me.
    I can feel your emotion about your happy memories.. is there am?? Also was i the best fre friend too??I love Tara~Be happy with your lovely family~~;) from Vivien


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